The Pompeian Convivium: food, music and settings from the Roman time

Synaulia ancient music

Experience the lifestyle of our ancestors’ banquet by Tiberius Pompei in collaboration with Synaulia.

A themed party accurately arranged to evoke the customs and the meaning of banqueting for the Romans.
In those times, in addition to good food and wine, there were sacred rituals, music, dance, fashion, customs, business and politics.

Tiberius, in collaboration with Synaulia and other convivium experts, has been offering this entertainment format with great cultural value for many years. What better location, boasting a view onto the splendid ancient Villa of Diomede, to take a dive into the past?

Gustatio in the garden, Mensa Prima and Secunda in the dining room

The journey through time begins with a welcome aperitif in the garden, with canapés both typical of those days as well as dishes re-interpreted in a modern key. Damsels and musicians will welcome guests with toga clothes, dances and sounds exactly like two thousand years ago, making them feel involved and at ease. Afterwards, guests will be invited to take a seat by the dining room where dinner is served at the tables, while the actors continue to entertain the increasingly curious and fascinated audience.

Studiato nei minimi dettagli

Nothing slips out to the organizers: the menu, the show, the mis-en place and the location. But who are they?

Mr. Marco Carli, who has been studying the ancient recipes of our country for years, the habits and traditions of the Roman symposium. Creator of the Epulae menu.

Ms. Enza Casaburi, a refined event planner who shapes the spaces into trompe-l’œil paintings. For this thematic party she is been using damask fabrics mixed with linen, golden cups with flowers and fruit, cornucopias, amphorae, crystal glasses and other precious accessories.

Ms. Karine Compain, owner and manager of the premises, always committed to improving and perfecting the location towards sustainability and hospitality.

Synaulia project. They are the greatest experts in Italy, and perhaps in the world, on ancient Rome music and dances. Artists who have masterfully recreated musical instruments (such as the lyre, trumpets, drums and flutes), the linen clothes, the laurel wreaths, the masks, the jewels, the incense and the rituals.

Toga Party

The Roman Convivium can become even more significant if all guests are made to wear linen tunics and laurel wreaths for the entire duration of the event.

More insights over the dining customs of ancient Romans 

We often find food depicted in frescoes and mosaics, and this has allowed us to reconstruct several recipes, re-proposed in Epulae menu, such as spelt sandwiches and breads (libum et scriblita), eggs with garum (ova elixa), pork fillet in almonds crust (crusted perna), Oplontiis cassata cheese cake (crustum cum caseo et melle). This palate experience offers the opportunity to learn about the eating customs of those people, precursors of Italian cuisine, amongst the most appreciated in the world.

Through the writings of ancient authors such as Apicius, Columella and Pliny the Elder, today we know that breakfast (lentaculum) was eaten very early in the morning and consisted of bread, cheese, dried fruit and honey. Around midday they had a snack (prandium) and in the late afternoon dinner (coena) began. They used to lay on beds called triclinia, resting their elbows on cushions. The meal started with a generous appetizer (gustatio), followed by a first course (mensa prima). Dessert (mensa secunda) included fruit or a sweet. Guests were served by slaves with specific tasks: the cellarius took care of the drinks, starting with the mulsum (wine with honey and spices) served with the aperitif. The main meal was accompanied with vinum conditum, that is, wine with herbs diluted with water. Dessert was served with vinum passum, a sweet tasting wine. During the banquet, guests were entertained with various performances by musicians, dancers, jugglers, acrobats and poetry readings.

Picture and videos di Francesco Cascone
Soundtrack videos: Pavor and Etruria. Synaulia’s original compositions

Other inspirations for your event at Tiberius

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