F&B venue

In good company, everything is more beautiful

Eating, drinking and feeling good

The main goal of the organization is the culinary experience of its guests and the enhancement of their time spent at the restaurant’s table. Tiberius’ chefs, together with the restaurant managers work on the menus options and services on a daily basis, in order to satisfy the needs of the most diverse palates. The recipes are mainly inspired by Regional (Campania), Italian, Mediterranean and fusion cuisine. There is a continuous search for sustainable foods from conscious growers and producers, especially local gastronomy. Chefs range from reproducing traditional ancient recipes to experimenting with fusion and spicy dishes.

So Zen Restaurant

Open all year round, indoor or outdoor; lunch dishes put an emphasis on traditional recipes, for dinner the menu is enriched with spicy dishes and appetizing mezze. The lounge area is in Moroccan style, which represents, above all, the Tiberius‘ idea of hospitality.

Formal occasions

If Tiberius could speak, he would tell us how many ceremonies and events he has hosted over the course of its history! It is in its nature to host important occasions such as weddings, sacraments and anniversaries.

Private parties

Tiberiusdining rooms are purposely simple and comfortable so that each party can find its own creative representation. Parties for graduation, birthdays or just a feast to share a joy of life with family and friends.


Choosing the right location for planning an event is a difficult task, but also an exciting challenge. Nothing, or almost nothing, is left to chance whereas understanding its scope requires professional and personal qualities: seriousness, aesthetic and creative sensitivity, versatility, as well as intellectual curiosity.


Tiberius Restaurant opened in 1965 especially to welcome tour groups, given the proximity to the excavations of Pompeii and thanks to the availability of a large parking area for buses; essential features for planning efficiently touring groups. Since 2012, more activities have been added, such as Pizza Lesson, Toga Party, Food and Wine Tastings, for both leisure and incentive groups.