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Special occasions

From starter to dessert

A toast is a must for special occasions, such as weddings and ceremonies, and we put great care in it. We serve oysters and caviar, exquisite local food, special corners with fine tobaccos and cigars or scented molasses to be smoked in beautiful hookah as well as selected spirits.

Especially generous is our selection of wines, champagne and superior spirits served and presented by expert sommeliers and bartenders.

Once the spaces have been chosen, together we work on the menu’s options,, set-up and entertaiment. We are very proud of our pastry lab lead by master chef Graziano Notarnicola.

For further details on the pastry lab visit our FB page Pâtisserie Mademoiselle Charlotte


Favourable moments

Available on site, are different kinds of fine tables sets, trendy mise-en-place, stylish candle holders and other creative accessories you can choose from to make your event like no other.

Tables can be round or square of different sizes and the chairs very comfortable. Theme corners are regularly requested by customers to add more personality to the moment: the typical Italian confettata, a table reserved to sugared almonds, sweets and candies; the Cuban Corner with cigars and spirits; Oysters, Caviar and Champagne; kids playground and entertainment; lounge areas; Arabian style furniture; disco zone.

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