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Pizza lesson

The courteous master pizza chef gives an introduction on the history, the ingredients and preparation of the pizza. At the same time, the tools of the trade are handed over to all guests and a freshly squeezed orange juice is served. Afterwards, all participants will season to taste their pizza dough. This is the moment where a unique liveliness atmosphere always arise among the group. Drinks, dessert and coffee accompany and complete the meal.

Organizing the Neapolitan Pizza Workshop for groups in tour visiting Pompeii ruins.



Cooking Class

To learn the secrets of our regional cuisine directly from the chef coach, who will teach to all participants how to prepare ravioli, gnocchi and other types of fresh pasta with traditional Campania sauces.

Pic Nic or Chic Nic?

Get comfortable on the soft lawn overlooking the ancient villas, with a basket full of local cookouts, good wine, fruit and pastries… Enjoying the mild weather, just as Neapolitans do.

And for the more sophisticated ones, inside the CHIC NIC basket there will be patrician delicacies!

Food & Wine Tasting

Selection of regional wines, cold cuts and cheese narrated by passionate sommeliers and culinary traditions’ lovers. 

The buffet is set under the pergola, almost next to Villa di Diomede and overlooking at it. A stroll through the vineyard and the kitchen garden will add extra value to the moment.

Ancient Roman Toga Party

Celebrating was serious stuff for our ancestors! Food, music and dances were thought with great care, for casting themselves in an enchanted world and celebrate life! Mt. Vesuvius still produces its rich fruits, the sun still hits tough and ancient Latins still live in Italians genetic makeup.

Just wear a linen tunic and a crown of laurel to jump back in the past! Precisely replicated recipes and musical instrument masterfully reconstructed, will make the lively experience an outstanding cultural moment too.

Organize the Roman Convivium by our garden overlooking the ancient Villa of Diomede with Synaulia‘s top performances.


Corporate groups can carry out meetings and seminars on site with coffee breaks and team building activities.

Download the fact sheet, including floor plans and capacity charts, to organize your next business meeting.

Campania Felix


Nowadays tourists are keen to experience the culture of the place in a broader manner. No longer just guided tours at museums and other tourist sites, but also experiencing the traditions while doing other activities such as meal breaks. It is on the basis of this principle that Tiberius has prepared a number of Food and Wine proposals to get an authentic taste of the region.

we are all ancient Romans

lucullian moments

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