A garden for your events across the ancient Diomede’s villa in Pompeii

Villa antica pompeiana

Layers of stories before your very eyes: the legend of Arria Marcella

What we see from our garden is Diomede’s ancient roman villa, one of the most luxurious dwellings found in Pompeii as well as one of the first to be excavated in 1771. A popular tourist destination since the Grand Tour’s age, this villa has inspired a number of celebrities throughout three centuries.
The legend of Arria Marcella is particularly fascinating: the breast of a young woman, who died during the eruption, made a mould in the petrified ashes. Apparently, the mould had been exposed at the Napoli’s Archaeological Museum for about 100 years, attracting visitors from far and wide for it was considered a mysterious and dreamlike archaeological find. After this time frame, the mould has vanished into thin air.

Just a few steps away from Villa dei Misteri’s exit

Diomede’s villa is located outside the ancient walls, near the outstanding Villa dei Misteri, best known for its frescoes depicting the scenes of the initiation ritual to Dionysian mysteries dedicated to Bacchus and its exit from the park. To visit these two jewels, among the few other buildings accessible by tourists, it is required a ticket Pompeii +.

We are lovers of our cultural heritage

Visitors wishing to keep enjoying the amazing view and feeling while having lunch, are welcome to our premises either as independent travellers or as a group.
We are lovers of our cultural heritage, therefore the experience given to our customers is an ever-present ingredient in all our services, no matter if he or she comes in for a simple meal or for a gala dinner.
Il Giardino dei Sensi, the garden of senses, it’s a corner of peacefulness, furnished with natural materials and surrounded by lavish vegetation and beauties: the volcano, the bay of Naples and the ancient remains.

From mid-May up until mid-September the garden opens up its doors.

We offer different types of meals, from traditional Neapolitan food, including pizza cooked in a wood fired oven, to a pic-nic on the meadow. We will host local food and wines tastings in collaboration with MAVV Wine Art Museum and we will offer menus based on ancient roman recipes, held by an expert who’s been working for years with a dedicated team advocated by the Archaeological Park itself.

Back to our beautiful neighbouring Villa di Diomede, let’s disclose some additional fact. It is named after M. Arrius Diomedes for his grave was found near its entrance. As we said, it was one of the first buildings dug out in Pompeii (between 1771 and 1775), near the main road of that time, where the chariots of the wealthy visitors were parked. These two elements together make this villa one of the most mentioned and described ruin by artists, writers and scientists. Among the many celebs of the past who admired this masterpiece of architecture we recall Lord Byron, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Montaigne, Montesquieu, Lamartine, Thomas Grey, Mary Shelley, just to name a few.

A story of Arria Marcella’s myth is described in Théophile Gautier’s 1852 short story; a fantasy time-travel genre.

Camillo Benso di Cavour, Prime Minister during the Italian Kingdom, in 1861 left his name scraped on a wall in room 59 of the villa. Nowadays the villa overlooks onto our garden of senses, but in its time, it was overlooking and very close to the seaside

Authentic Roman style experience

We collaborate with chefs, artists, historians and other experts of local history and archaeology to offer the best experience to our client. The Toga Party is one of the most successful formats offered by our company.

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