La Terrasse

It is a versatile outdoor space with a minimal look

where white and simple furnishings prevail. It has its own independent access and communicates with the dining roomIl Salotto dei Misteri.

It covers a floor area of about 270 sqm and can host up to 140 people seated. Radio broadcasting.

It is equipped with a barbecue station and a small open kitchen.

Dedicated mainly to groups and private events, it is often used in combination with the nearby room for welcome cocktails, standing buffets and happy hours.

so zen

It is a panoramic terraced restaurant and lounge

that recalls an Arabian-Mediterranean style. It is equipped with an open kitchen and a traditional wood oven for pizzas and bread.

The restaurant is open daily from April to October but it can also be reserved for private events and parties.

In the evening the atmosphere becomes joyful with belly dance dinner shows and musical gigs.

Particularly suitable for upscale tourist groups’ meals in summertime and for team’s activities, such as Pizza Lessons and Food Tastings.

Il giardino dei sensi

It is definitely the crown jewel of this premises.

It stretches along the quiet road Via Villa dei Misteri, precisely across Diomede’s ancient villa with a unique view onto it.

Here the setting is good for working magic: top managers’ meetings, gala luncheon and dinner, launching luxury products, suggestive weddings, exclusive wine tastings and happy hours.

On one side it is arranged a lounge area in and around a lawn, while the other part consists in a lovely pergola of vines and roses.

Built completely with natural materials, it fits well the picture it is enclosed in: the volcano, the Mediterranean sea and the ancient city.

Both spaces are versatile to multiple settings, such as lounge, cocktail and classic style with tables and chairs. Each space has a maximum capacity of 150 attendants seated.

Shared spaces

The main access to the property is a forecourt from which one can access to all spaces.

There is a 4 × 8 m equipped outdoor stage/patio placed by the dining room Fior di Cotone.

The main square also features a lava stone fountain which, in the evening, produces magical effects of lights and water.

It allows access to vehicles and is therefore often chosen as a gathering area for vintage cars, motorcycles and other rallies.

Ancient suggestions


Tiberius green area is slightly hilly: on the top, the most panoramic of all, is the lovely garden Giardino dei Sensi; while on the lower part, to seal the surrounding vegetation frame, there is a vineyard of local grapes and a kitchen garden cultivated with the synergistic method where seasonal vegetables and herbs grow all year round and which are used in the kitchen.

The comfortable path that crosses the green area allows nice relaxing walks.
Equipped with lighting systems for evening events.

He/she lives twice who lives well

Bis Vivit Qui Bene Vivit