This room casts pale colours and simple furnishing.

It is particularly suitable for banqueting, gala dinners and luncheons, weddings and seminars.

It can sit up to 260 people and the floor area covers about 300 sqm. It is equipped with A/C and cable radio. The main entrance is linked to La Terrasse, an outdoor dining space provided with barbecue station.

It features frescoes on the walls made by master painter Franco Gracco in the 60’s, inspired to ancient Pompeii’s daily life and perfectly preserved along the years.

This detail makes Il Salotto dei Misteri the right place to set up the Ancient Pompeii’s Toga Party, a cheerful and educational experience endorsed by Tiberius.


Its look is essential and delicate, furnished and decorated in a classic fashion.

It is the favorite dining room of young people for celebrating weddings, adulthood, graduation, birthdays parties and theme soiree. Tiberius restaurant has a wide range of setting up accessories: elegant, thematic, funny and ethnic.

It has a capacity of up to 230 seats and an area of about 330 square meters. Cable broadcast.

It has got its own independent entrance from the main courtyard and a dedicated patio for receptions; it is connected with restaurant So Zen and is adjacent to the old-stile wood burning oven pizzeria which, on occasion, can be visible or hidden.

This is also the main room for carrying out group activities such as Pizza lessons and Cooking classes. It can be used in combination with So Zen for dinner plus after dinner parties.


The most extravagant of Tiberius’ dining rooms

with shiny walls and a cocktail bar in the middle of it, that makes this space ideal for parties. On one side there is the ethnic lounge area, while the other side is reserved to the restaurant’s service. So Zen also includes a cellar with selected wines and champagne.

It has an independent entrance on one side and communicates with the terraced restaurant overlooking Mt. Vesuvius and the bay of Naples. It has a capacity of up to 330 seats and an area of about 340 square meters. Equipped with air conditioning.

Furnished with natural materials and precious lamps that gives an Arabian feel, over the years it has become a reference point for shisha bars’ lovers and belly dancing nights.

It also lends itself to meetings and presentations with coffee-break area and after dinner parties.

A warm and relaxing feel

connected terraces

Wheter it’s summer or winter, at Tiberius each event can find its right setting. The three indoor dining rooms can be used in combination with the outdoor spaces, such as: Il Salotto dei Misteri (indoor) with La Terrasse (outdoor); So Zen indoor and outdoor; Fior di Cotone (indoor) with the patio on the main courtyard. The two indoor adjoining rooms (Fior di Cotone and So Zen) are often chosen for combo events, e.g. gala dinner plus disco party.

It is possible to set up the spaces in different ways, thanks to the versatility of their design. In fact, these can be either arranged in a sober manner, like classic style weddings, as well as in a “night club” fashion.

Beside our typical tables and chairs, it is possible set up the space both with western and eastern style lounges and dance floor. Customers can choose among different kinds of tableware and mise-en-place, candle holders, accessories and so forth to customize each event.

Tiberius’ managers can also assist and provide for entertainment options, wedding planners, conference organizers and so forth, thanks to the network of excellent professionals and suppliers selected during the years.

Bacchus's little altar

Wines and bubbles