Food & Beverage

Private parties

Radiant young people

Young people have always loved to celebrate their important milestones

the age of majority, bachelor’s degree, the first important job, professional success and other special occasions. We take the utmost care for the adults of the future!

To plan your amazing party, speak directly to Tiberius resident DJ over entertainment, live music and dance hall. Different kind of decorations and themed arrangements are available for the set-up.

Parents, grandparents and relatives can be seated in a dedicated area from which they can enjoy, in comfort, the energies of their teens!

In addition to table service, buffet corners and other food stations can be arranged. One of Tiberius‘ specialties is the haute patisserie lab, run by M. Graziano Notarnicola, a well known pastry chef expert in Italian and French cakes and small pastries.

Bold adults

Once upon a time there were the elderly!

Today we are all young to various degrees! Those in the second and third youth do not give up on celebrating their important moments.

Whether it’s a birthday or another remarkable event, adults not only still want to dance and party, but they want to do it with all the trimmings and sophistication of adulthood.

Working on the settings and the atmosphere of the spaces is an important part of our work and probably the most interesting one, because it is where imagination and creativity take place.

Carnival, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Ferragosto are just some of the theme parties that we organize every year at Tiberius Pompeii.

Details make the difference

Happy-go-lucky youth

Together we make it unforgettable

Creating atmospheres

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